Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hi Wally,
It's me again. Thank you for the photograph to add to the book. I'm sitting here at my computer today working on compiling this book and going through Eldon's folders full of photographs to add to the book. I have attached a copy of one of them to this e-mail. I'm looking for your knowledge and the knowledge of your Hiawatha friends. What is the two story white building in the center of the picture? Was it a hotel? What happened to it? Does anyone have any remembrances of it?

The next time you add to your blog would you mention that we are compiling stories for the book and if anyone has any stories, poems or articles that they would like to add they are welcome to send them to me but don't procrastinate. Either e-mail or by mail will work. My e-mail address is or Kathy Hamaker, 375 West Stake Farm Road, Price, UT 84501.

Thank you very much.