Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dorothy Thomas Walk wroteat 4:32pm on June 18th, 2009
I moved away from Hiawatha when I was almost 5 years old....was the worst day of my life! I thought my parents had to be completely crazy to think I could live without my best friend, my cousin, Juanita. I couldn't believe they were going to move me a million miles away to Wyoming. I remember crying as we we looked out the back window waving goodbye to our little town! I can't remember a lot about Hiawatha but the memories I do have are only good ones. I remember Dr Merrill and his nurse...I think her name was Sophie. I thought she was beautiful!Hiawatha was always home to my dad (Glenn Thomas)...I always said you could take him out of his town but you could never take Hiawatha out of his heart. He talked about it right up until his death. We lived those wonderful memories right along with him as he told us tales. I think most people that lived in Hiawatha have the same wonderful memories...even though I didn't experience a lot of them, they are in my heart too!
Grace Gutierrez wroteat 11:20am yesterday
I am Gail and David Wilde's daughter. I lived in Hiawatha for 18 years. Growing up there was a lot of fun. I remember Mom sending me to the gas station every night to get Dad. He loved to sit down there, drink, and visit with everyone. My grandpa is Orville (Preacher) Lowe. When he worked in dispatch we would go visit him and he would give us those huge pieces of chalk they used in the mine.At the time, I didn't really appreciate the good thing I had, such as the mountains and the freedom of a small town. Now I wish I could raise my own children there.
Maxine Jones wroteat 4:09pm yesterday
By Elaine Hampshire JonesI have so many memories of Hiawatha I am sure I could fill the pages of War & Peace. One of my favorites was all the kids sleigh riding down the hill and across the school grounds. I wanted to take my small sleigh because I didn'nt want anyone else to ride with me. My Dad told me the slegh runners were rusty and to take the big sleigh. Of course I took the little one which caught in the ice sending me nose first into the school grounds. I have the scar to prove it. What a wonderful town to grow up in!
Karl Reed sent you a message. Re: "Yes Yes! Hiawatha was a lot of fun when i was 12-15 years old i used to delivery news paper around the neighborhood and i found out that i should advertised my business a little better my neighbors would of bought a new paper from me, i did get good tips and i bought my own clothes , ten speed, and ordered a lot of stuff from mail orders. but i also mowed my neighbors lawns too with powered lawn mower my mom bought me,mowed the the town halls yard too the OL KING COAL , and in the winter shoveled snow i was ranking in the money as young as i was. Oh and i was watching my neighbors boys too for the summer he was a single father with the 2 boys i should of just saved my moneys and bought me a car but it was far from my mind. I was workaholic when i was young and i still am at age 44. not good i need closure too settle down lol" 6/19/09

Leonard (Leo) Petroni

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I have no obituary yet, but will post one when I get a copy. Wally

Marie Moffitt Gonzales‏ -- Funeral
I just talked to Marie's husband Leo, also two of Marie's kids, Tony & Lezlie. Marie's Funeral will be this Friday, June 19th in Green River, Wyoming in the LDS Chapel at 1000 West 4th North. No viewing ahead of time......................only a Family Prayer in the Relief Society Room before the Funeral Service. Irene

Monday, June 1, 2009

I guess summer vacations have taken a toll. There were only 11 of us at breakfast this morning.
Dean Petrulas
Don Reaveley
Bob Wilde
Paul Mecham
Darrell Bearnson
Jim Bearnson
Glen Davis
Ken Allred
Tom Nielson
Mike Manosakis
Wally Baldwin

And "by the way" thanks a bunch Dean!!!!