Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mrs. Burmester's 2nd Grade 1948-49 Hiawatha

I have attached the picture I mentioned to you on Facebook.
As I said this is of Mrs. Burmester’s 2nd grade class in Hiawatha circa ’48 – ’49. I believe the room shown behind the group is our classroom too.
Fortunately my mother had the foresight to write the names of the students (at least those that she knew) on the back of the picture.

They are:
Standing, far back left is Mrs. Burmester
Standing, L - R: Jone Littlejohn, Rhea Gardener, Caroline Velasquez, Janet -----, Alicia Anderson, Sylvia Petrulakis, Geraldine ----,
Marcia -----, Patsy Peretti, Roberta Redford, Eula McFadden, Karen Petty.

Seated, L - R: Johnny Martino, Matt Franich, Garth Heaton, Gary Moffitt, Gene McFerron, Wayne Sorenson, Merle -----,
Luther Jackson, Terry Gagon, Brian Every, Bobby -----,Sanford Crawford.

Seated front row L - R: Tommy Dixon, David Kilcrease, Francis Greenland, Roger Davis.

Francis Greenland

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