Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Wally,

I haven't been able to keep up with the Hiawatha news this past year because of the serious illness of my husband. I have taken care of him myself, so I haven't had much time for my computer. Fortunately he is better now.

I was so happy to find the picture of my sister, Nadine Gleason (Babbel), and the third and fourth grades she taught in Hiawatha when she was young. I didn't have this picture of her.

I was also very sad to learn of Carma Rae Allred's passing away. I send my sympathy to her family. I remember her as a very beautiful little girl.

I enjoy the pictures you have of Hiawatha Day and the Hiawatha breakfasts. I still recognize a lot of the people. I moved away from Hiawatha to New York State when I started the 9th grade, but Hiawatha remains in my memory and I thank you for your wonderful site.


Shirley Gleason Jones

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