Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inside Hiawatha Jail


tomjack44 said...

Thanks for the memories; my friend Jody Starr & I (6 or 7 yrs. old), talked my cousin Kenneth Burdick (3 or 4), into holding his t-shirt up so we could paint stripes on him with aluminum paint. On hearing of the deed, my Dad apprehended us, spoke sharply, & took us to the jail where we spent an hour in lock-up where we could ponder the wisdom of our behavior. Thanks again for all the pics, Tom Jackson

grandma irene said...

Good for your Dad, Tommy! He was a great, wise man!!
Love you
Your Aung Irene (Christensen) Dougherty

Unknown said...

I spent what seemed like hours in there too....for throwing rocks. It was in reality probably only about 10 minutes!! There were three or four of us...can't remember the names of the others. Donna Christensen (Cook) Molgard