Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jay Robb--Home to Hiawatha for a visit--(Anyone know the year?)


grandma irene said...

Looking at his 1946 or 1947 Chevrolet, I am guessing that he visited Hiawatha in either 1946 or 1947. What do you think, Wally??
Love to all! Irene Christensen Dougherty

grandma irene said...

Congratulations, Wally, for celebrating your 80th Birthday. My family also celebrated my 80th Birthday in October -- in St. George, for a three-day BASH! We had a fun time -- but I don't like being 80!!!!
Irene Christensen Dougherty

Touche said...

Well Irene--being 80 is better thsn the alternative?