Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Birdie Baldwin & Alta Cox

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Zoe Whicker said...

Hello! I know you won't know me, but I'm a traveling photographer currently living in Provo. My boyfriend and I travel around looking for ghost towns to take pictures of and put them along with information and history about the town up on our blog. So far, we've been to a few places like Ophir, Thistle, Eureka, Mammoth and a bunch of other places. We made the drive out to Hiawatha yesterday to find that it was closed off (I'm a rule follower, I'm not one to trespass). I was reading around trying to find out why that was, especially since where I read said that there were current residents. My question for you is, do you know of a way to get inside of Hiawatha? Is there someone I can talk to? I would also LOVE to get your input on the photos if I'm able to take them and get a little bit of history on the buildings I shoot.

Thank you SO much for your time, and your blog. I've been digging through it for about an hour now, simply FASCINATED.

Zoe Whicker.