Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hiawatha Breakfast 6 April 2009

We had a good time at breakfast today. There were 12 of us there. The big topics were golf and the Guys & Gals Luncheon that is coming upon the 20th of April. At least that is what I heard. But then of course there are several of us that are there that cannot hear too well and it is a looooong table. If one guy is on one end trying to talk to someone on the other end there is usually a problem?
I hope we have a good crowd for the luncheon. Remember the address is 3900 So. 900 E. in Salt Lake.
The ones at breakfast were: Cliff Finley, Bob Wilde, Mike Orphanakis, Wally Baldwin, Don Reaveley, Mike Manousakis, John Barnett, Glen Davis, Tucker Lowe, Tom Neilsen, Ken Allred & Dean Petrulas.

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