Monday, April 20, 2009

Hiawatha Luncheon w/Ladies 20 Apr 2009—Jim’s Cafe
These are the people at the Luncheon who signed in----------
I hope everyone enjoyed it-- Comment of you did or Did not?-- Wally

Allred, Ken & Carma
Baldwin, Wally & Donnie
Bearnson, Jim & Rhea
Bearnson, Darrell & Peggy
Blackburn, Merlin & Geri
Blake, Jennifer
Burgess, Shirley
Finley, Cliff
Garber, Jim & Beth
Hilton, Marilyn
Kourinianos, Tony & Kay
Larson, David & Loretta
McCarrie, Archie
Morley, Judy
Neilsen, Tom & Clone
Packard, Debra
Petrulas, Dean
Reaveley, Don & Jean
Reaveley, Clyde & Betty
Segura, Helen

1 comment:

Jenn said...

As always .. I had a GREAT time visiting! Can't wait until Hiawatha Days in August!