Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dorothy Thomas Walk wroteat 4:32pm on June 18th, 2009
I moved away from Hiawatha when I was almost 5 years old....was the worst day of my life! I thought my parents had to be completely crazy to think I could live without my best friend, my cousin, Juanita. I couldn't believe they were going to move me a million miles away to Wyoming. I remember crying as we we looked out the back window waving goodbye to our little town! I can't remember a lot about Hiawatha but the memories I do have are only good ones. I remember Dr Merrill and his nurse...I think her name was Sophie. I thought she was beautiful!Hiawatha was always home to my dad (Glenn Thomas)...I always said you could take him out of his town but you could never take Hiawatha out of his heart. He talked about it right up until his death. We lived those wonderful memories right along with him as he told us tales. I think most people that lived in Hiawatha have the same wonderful memories...even though I didn't experience a lot of them, they are in my heart too!

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