Saturday, June 20, 2009

Karl Reed sent you a message. Re: "Yes Yes! Hiawatha was a lot of fun when i was 12-15 years old i used to delivery news paper around the neighborhood and i found out that i should advertised my business a little better my neighbors would of bought a new paper from me, i did get good tips and i bought my own clothes , ten speed, and ordered a lot of stuff from mail orders. but i also mowed my neighbors lawns too with powered lawn mower my mom bought me,mowed the the town halls yard too the OL KING COAL , and in the winter shoveled snow i was ranking in the money as young as i was. Oh and i was watching my neighbors boys too for the summer he was a single father with the 2 boys i should of just saved my moneys and bought me a car but it was far from my mind. I was workaholic when i was young and i still am at age 44. not good i need closure too settle down lol" 6/19/09

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