Tuesday, March 3, 2015


While I was at our Hiawatha Breakfast (which has dwindled A LOT), someone mentioned it would be interesting to know where the people of Hiawatha came from. Well I had done this little survey quite a while ago, but here it is and you may find it interesting----WALLY

This information was collected from personal interviews, obituaries, newspapers & census records.


ANDERSON              Denmark
AXELSEN               Denmark
BALDWIN               England
BARNETT               Scotland
BAWDEN                England
BEARNSON              Scotland-Iceland
BEVERIDGE             Scotland
BUDO                  Japan
BURGESS               Germany
CARLSON               Sweden
CHIAVINI              Italy           
CHRISTENSEN           Sweden- Denmark
CLAVEL                France
COLOSIMO              Italy
COWAN                 Scotland
COX                   England
CROMBIE               Ireland
DAHLSRUD              Norway
DAVIS                 England-Wales
DAY                   England
DUGMORE               England
EARDLEY               England              
EASTERBROOK           Scotland
FADEL                 Denmark
FRANDSEN              Denmark
GAGON                 Ireland
HOOPES                England
JACKSON               Wales
JARVI                 Finland
KOLOVICH              Yugoslavia
LITTLEJOHN            Scotland
LUPO                  Italy
MADRID                Spanish
MARAGAKIS             Greece
MOFFITT               Ireland
ORPHANAKIS            Greece
ORTIZ                 Spanish
PAPPAS                Greece
PEPERAKIS             Greece
PERETTI               Italy
PETRONI               Italy
REAVELEY              England
REVA                  Italy
RONS                  Belgium- Switzerland
ROVSEK                Scotland
SACO                  Italy
SMODEY                Austria
SPIGARELLI            Italy
STORY                 Canada
UNGERMAN              Denmark
VEA                   Italy
VOGRINEC              Austria
WICKMAN               Germany
WILDE                 England

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